United Kingdom Visit Visa

The United Kingdom visitor’s visa is also known as a standard visa. This Visa allows its holder to stay in the UK for up to six months. However, if the Embassy wishes, they can issue you a Visa for a short time.

Whether you are planning to visit your relatives or planning to explore the United States, you should take advantage of our immigration service in the USA.

How to Apply for the UK Visit Visa 

Your application for a Visa should be made outside the UK. You can apply 30 days before your planned visit to the UK. Firstly, check your eligibility for the Visa and complete the online application form.  Then collect and arrange the required documents and make an appointment. Finally, you will get the call for the interview if you get selected.

Documents required for obtaining the Visa

  1. UK tourist visa application form, VAF1A
  2. Two photographs per UK guidelines & Valid passport with a blank page
  3. Proof of your financial security to support you while you are in the UK
  4. Specifications of your accommodation in the UK
  5. Detailed travel records along with the previous traveling history
  6. Your home country address specifications & Biometric information
  7. Letter of invitation from your relatives or friends in the UK
  8. Proof of submitting visa fees
  9. Your criminal history
  10. The names and date of birth of your parents and information of your workplace in home town

What Will Be The Duration of Your Stay in the UK With a Visitor’s Visa?

  • Up to 30 days, if you are traveling under the ADS agreement
  • Up to six months, if visiting family or tourism
  • Up to 11 months for medical treatment
  • Up to 12 months, If you are an academic and completing a research project in the UK

Why Should You Contact Us? 

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