Turkey Citizenship (Property Option)

Turkey Citizenship (Property Option)


Turkey is a significant cross country decisively situated and lined by three oceans. A well-known traveler objective, Turkey’s area works with the network of key business sectors using great vehicle joins. Even though Ankara is its capital, the main worldwide city of Istanbul is Turkey’s biggest and is its principal business and social focus. For this, you must have a minimum of $ 250,000 invested in real estate in Turkey and $ 500,000 of fixed capital contribution. For digging deep into this, contact us, the best migration consultant.

The Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program was sent off in January 2017 to draw in the unfamiliar direct venture to and help the development of the country’s land area. The program permits candidates to browse various kinds of monetary commitments to Turkish society, consequently fostering the nation’s economy.

With the city of Istanbul embracing Europe and Asia on the Bosporus Strait, Turkey is a cross-country Eurasian country. Its area at the junction of Europe and Asia makes it a nation of critical geostrategic significance.

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