Vanuatu Citizenship by Donation

Vanuatu Citizenship by Donation


What is special about this program?

Sent off in 2017, the Vanuatu citizenship Development Support Program (DSP), is one of the quickest citizenships by speculation programs on the planet. Unfamiliar financial backers can accept their Vanuatu travel papers in 2 to 90 days.

This program is operating in Asia Pacific Region and is the only program for investment to get citizenship in Vanuatu. So, by investing $ 130,000 as a financial contribution to the system of national development, you are eligible to get enrolled in this program. All migration experts to know more about this program.


  • This helps you to enter the Schengen zone as well as the United Kingdom without a visa. So that entails that you can visit around 130 nations.
  • You can have dual nationality.
  • Parents, spouses, and children who are dependent up to the age of 25 are included.
  • There is no requirement for any language.

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