Grenada (Caribbean Island) Property or donation option

Grenada (Caribbean Island) Property or Donation Option


Grenada (Caribbean Island) Property or Donation Option also known as Grenada citizenship by investment program was the second-best one in the Caribbean last year. The reason is that Grenada is the Caribbean’s zest and Mystery Island. This year Grenada was positioned as the main island on the planet to visit by Lonely Planet, as the “Best Caribbean Island for calm occasions in lovely regular environmental factors”.

About Grenada

It has been highlighted in many articles for its effective citizenship by speculation program. Grenada is the most extravagant of all the Caribbean nations and quite possibly the most famous spot to contribute and get a subsequent identification.

Reasons for which Grenada citizenship is so well known

  1. Without a visa travel to 141+ nations – – Europe including the UK and Switzerland – – different nations like Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Russia, and British Commonwealth nations.
  2. Double and lifetime citizenship for yourself and qualified relatives.
  3. Admittance to US E2 visa.
  4. Incorporate the entire family: kids up to 30, guardians and grandparents over 55, and kin.
  5. Visa within 4-5 months – don’t bother visiting the island.

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